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Building infrastructure as code (programmable infrastructure) has several advantages. In addition to repeatable deployments, one will be able to use version control, track the changes, perform code reviews and continuous integration. The net result is, deliver software with reliability and confidence.


Microservices applications are composed of smaller and independently managed services. Each one of the services has a particular functionality, versioned, tested, deployed and scaled-out without depending on any other service. It is possible that each service is written in a different programming language and use any framework, that best caters to the given service. Each service is managed by (a smaller) team with the ability to provision resources, run the service and take full ownership of the service.

CloudWorks Technologies helps in building scalable and decoupled applications composed of Microservices and serverless backends. We

  • Design, develop and deployment Microservices.
  • Integrate the microservices with other AWS services such as API Gateway and other.
  • Secure services and manage versions.


Well built secure environments should protect, monitor, report and take quick remedial actions in the event of an attack. At CloudWorks, we build AWS services that are highly secure and are based on AWS best practices. We build secure systems that help fight against DOS attacks, SQL injections, brute force attacks, Virus, Malware and other ailments.


We have a full process oriented development approach with security and performance in mind from day one. Our solutions include Web and Mobile application development, building highly secure backend applications and APIs. Our development tools and technologies usually include open-source solutions.


We provide a fully automated CI/CD solutions, Git integration, application auto deployments, patch management, backup and recovery, troubleshooting, and several other automation tasks.


We are here to help when you need us.




Cloudworks has a very on point and professional approach, the best outsourcing I personally have worked with. I had the pleasure of working with Venkata, very skill ful in the devops and backend development.

Simon Dragsbæk Petersen, CTO, introDus, DK

CloudWorks built our AWS infrastructure that is reliable, secure and serving hundreds of ‘myjobs’ customers. They were able to make recommendation for best practices, fast loading of our sites. Their solutions are very cost effective.

Mikas Urbonavicius, Head of Product,
CloudWorks has been very instrumental in our AWS cloud migration. They have done an excellent job in deploying our solutions to AWS servers and in a timely manner. They are very quick and responsive and are dependable AWS services provider.
Isaac Braun, President, APS Marketing
I believe that Customer Service and Quality of work go hand in hand when working alongside a service provider. Working with Cloudworks on our e-commerce platform truly has been an amazing experience. We will continue to work with Cloudworks for all our AWS needs. Thank you again CloudWorks for your hard work and amazing customer service.
Nathaniel Perez. Co Founder & CEO, Gamii
Cloudworks did an amazing job on this project. They built the entire code base in a short period of time and made a major upgrade to the system. Couldn’t be more pleased with their work.
Bob Dillon, Vice President, DTS Inc
Hardworking and ability to communicate complex concepts in simpler terms is the strength.
Abhishek Pawar, CTO, The SwatchBox